How Drug Testing Programs Can Improve Your Business

Drug Testing

Many larger organizations have standard drug testing programs in place for their staff. More companies of all sizes are starting to follow this example due to the variety of important benefits drug testing programs can provide in the workplace, to employees, management, and the organization as a whole. From random drug testing to pre-employment drug screening, these programs can make an enormous impact on the efficiency of businesses and organizations.

Increased Safety

One of the most important benefits of a workplace drug testing program is creating increased safety on the job. Studies have shown that workplace drug testing programs lead to fewer injuries at work and fewer workers’ compensation claims. Increased job safety keeps employees from being placed in potentially dangerous situations, and saves the company both time and expense. A safe and secure workplace also improves employee morale, and can give employees an increased sense of pride in their organization, which leads to better productivity.

Better Productivity

Another side effect of drug testing in the workplace is increased productivity in the workplace. This partially stems from increased workplace safety, which prevents productivity delays due to injury and investigation. However, it also comes from workplace drug testing resulting in less employee turnover. Increased employee retention saves companies both the time of hiring and training replacement personnel, and the cost of doing so. Drug testing also leads to decreased absenteeism in the workplace, which also promotes productivity.

Creates a Healthier Workspace

Utilizing a drug testing program in the workplace also creates a healthier work atmosphere for employees. Drug testing deters employees from using drugs because of the consequences that come with testing positive. It can also help employees who may already have a drug or alcohol problem, and their families. Many businesses that utilize drug testing in the workplace also implement employee assistance programs that offer help to troubled employees and may offer solutions and aid to those that test positive for drugs.

Screening Potential Employees

Pre-employment drug testing can also be a great benefit to businesses. Without pre-employment drug tests, businesses can unknowingly hire functional substance abusers who can negatively affect the workplace. These negative effects can range from declining employee morale due to accidents and disagreements on the job to increased workplace injuries, which, as previously noted, can cost the company valuable time and assets. Pre-employment drug tests can help prevent the vast majority of those issues.

Boosts Organization Reputation

Additionally, implementing drug testing programs in the workplace can boost the business or organization’s overall reputation. Drug testing programs can be costly to instate and maintain, so the use of them demonstrates that the business management is dedicated to keeping their staff healthy and safe while on the job. This type of dedication leads to better staff morale and productivity. It also improves the business’s standing among other businesses and organizations.

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